Having a Successful Relationship
Doesn't Have to be a Struggle

Are You ...

In a relationship which is not as satisfying as you know it could be?

Looking for a deep relationship with someone who gets you and with whom you can feel completely comfortable?

Not a spring chicken any more?

What is Getting in the Way of You Having
the Relationship that You So Deeply Desire?

For many of us, those barriers include:

  • A lack of clarity on our own values, expectations, and goals.
  • A lack of respect and understanding of the wants and needs of our partner.
  • Internalized biases and messages around ourselves and our relationships.
  • Lack of self confidence and empowerment.
  • Patterns of behaviour in our response to others and situations.

If any of these sound familiar, you are not alone.

Why is it so Hard to Build a
Healthy and Fulfilling Relationship?

  • Many of us draw upon a lifetime of poor relationship examples.
  • We repeat the same destructive patterns over and over again.
  • We struggle to express our personal needs and emotions in a constructive way.
  • We listen to our inner critic that tells us the we are not worthy.

No wonder we struggle to build fulfilling relationships!

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What's next? - Why you want to join the 4-week intensive course:

Here's what you'll learn in our 4-week
Interactive Online Intensive

No matter what your relationship status,

this course will

  • provide you with a comprehensive set of skills and tools to work through barriers;
  • improve communication with your partner;
  • resolve and prevent conflicts;
  • and build a values-focused relationship based on shared growth, mutual support and understanding.

Here is what we will be working on

  • Week 1: The Relationship With Yourself

  • Week 2: Clearing The Past

  • Week 3: Menopause and Man-o-pause

  • Week 4: Creating a relationship beyond your wildest dreams

Here's What The Course Includes

  • Four weekly teaching-videos where we focus on specific skill sets that support the daily practice of a healthy, thriving relationship.
  • A short practice assignment for every day.
  • Weekly live Google Hangouts where you can ask questions about core concepts of the Beyond Your Wildest Dreams process and micro coaching for your specific problems.
  • Replays of the above Google Hangouts so you can go back and review everything as often as you wish.
  • Resources and exercises that support the teaching materials.
  • Downloadable audio meditations to help you in setting and focusing your intentions.
  • Life time access to our private Community.
  • One year access to our online Beyond Your Wildest Dreams membership site.

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  • Falling in Love with Someone Good for You - with the relationship specialist MARTIN UCIK
  • How Sexuality Can Grow our Intimate Relationships - with the sexuality expert Christiane Pelmas
  • The Gold Key Release - a 6 week online course with Lawrence Gold

Meet Your Facilitators

Life is all about relationships, intimate and not. Heidi has experienced all aspects of good and bad relationships in her life. She was trained as a counselor and coach later in her life so that all her teachings today are embedded in her personal experience and grounded in leading edge knowledge and practices about relationships: inter-personal (between 2 and more people) and intra-personal (between the inner parts of oneself), as well as impersonal (between you as a human being and the greater field of LIFE).

A native German and living in Italy for the past 30 years. Heidi has an MA in Communication Science and is licensed in Gestalt Counseling and Transformative Coaching (Approach: 'Feminine Power' and related) as well as a Transformative Leader.

These days Heidi is very much engaged with Live Streaming and in talking with people in creative dialogue. Furthermore she is most passionate in helping camera-shy women to come out of invisibility and to show up in the world. The feminine energies and the voices of women need to come out and counterbalance the present situation in the world and to create change towards a better future.

Heidi facilitates a number of seminars and courses, both in-persona and and online. Her driving passion is one-on-one coaching people as they move through the difficulties and transitions in their lives - particularly when those issues are relationally based.

Connect with Heidi and inquire about a a free discovery session.

Mark is an American Midwesterner, frequent visitor to and now resident in Italy. Degrees in English Literature and Secondary Education preceded a Masters degree in Italian Literature from the University of Wisconsin. Years of teaching at secondary and university levels were followed by ever more “human interest" years as a certified drug and alcohol counselor, then to more mellow years in retail, culminating in a few years as a "full time" retired Floridian before coming out into life again in Italy with years of philosophical, psychological and spiritual study supporting his passion to bring all that "head" knowledge to a practical emotional, physical and behavioral level where true transformation can emerge from those decades of half-life so many of us have experienced.

Mark's deep personal work combined with his counseling and teaching has allowed him to enter into a transformative relationship which has proven to be basic to his daily practice. This ever evolving experience is what he transmits in his contact with clients. What he does is what he is. A particular male perspective that he adds to his courses provides helpful affirmation to men and new realizations to women, information that is often never spoken about even between intimate couples.

Connect With Mark

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Purchase the Course NOW  for only $149

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